Sunday, 6 October 2013

Halloween Spiders Kit

Halloween Spiders Kit  just released at Pink Gem Designs  Here

I made these lovely little Halloween treat boxes with the kit this morning

Here is how I made them :)

Print out the milk carton template on an  A4  sheet of stiff paper/card 
The stiffer the better so what ever your printer will take

As the template comes out of the printer flip it over and feed it back the same way and print one of the colour milk carton templates on to the front of the sheet

Cut around the edge with scissors then score all the lines on the back  including the dotted ones

You should have something that looks like this

Add some double sided tape to the flap on the left

Tucking the flap which has the tape on behind the opposite edge to join them like this

Fold the bottom flaps in and secure with double sided tape

Then push the sides of the top in and pinch together 

When you put your treats inside you will need something to hold the top closed
You can make two holes and thread ribbon through but I think these mini binder clips work well

You can of course print the milk carton template on the back of any patterned paper and follow the instructions above as I have done here

Add a few bits of embellishment and here you are!


Christine said...

These are fab Janet on with mine

smiles Christine x

Aunty Sue said...

Fab Tutorial Love These Little Cartoons

mags said...

These are great Janet.